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Useful Web and FTP Sites

  The following World Wide Web and ftp sites are useful: tex2html_wrap_inline12578 axplinux
This is David Mosberger-Tang's Alpha AXP Linux web site and it is the place to go for all of the Alpha AXP HOWTOs. It also has a large number of pointers to Linux and Alpha AXP specific information such as CPU data sheets.
Red Hat's web site. This has a lot of useful pointers.
This is the major site for a lot of free software. The Linux specific software is held in pub/Linux.
Intel's web site and a good place to look for Intel chip information.
The Linux Journal is a very good Linux magazine and well worth the yearly subscription for its excellent articles.
This is the primary site for information on Java on Linux. tex2html_wrap_inline12578 ftp/pub/linux
MIT's Linux ftp site.
Linus' kernel sources.
The UK Linux User Group.
Home page for the Linux Documentation Project,
Digital Equipment Corporation's main web page.
Digital's Altavista search engine. A very good place to search for information within the web and news groups.

David A. Rusling